Career (Italian. Carriera - running, life, career, from Lat. Carrus - cart, cart) - successful (not always) advancement in the field of official, social, scientific and other activities; promotion up the corporate ladder. The 1907 Small Encyclopedic Dictionary gives the definition of a career: "Career (a word of French origin) is a quick success in the service and another field."
In the modern dictionary you can find the following interpretations:
promotion in any field of activity;
achievement of popularity, fame, benefits;
designation of occupation, profession (for example, career of a teacher).
Now instead of the word "Career" the phrase "Social Lift" is often used.
In the theory of personnel management, a career is the result of a conscious position and behavior of a person in the field of work related to official or professional growth.
Career is a chain of events that constitutes life, a sequence of professional occupations and other life roles, which together express a person’s commitment to act in accordance with his generalized model of self-development. A person builds a career - the trajectory of his movement - himself, in accordance with the peculiarities of intra- and non-organizational reality and, most importantly, with his own goals, desires and attitudes.

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