Career (Italian. Carriera - running, life, career, from Lat. Carrus - cart, cart) - successful (not always) advancement in the field of official, social, scientific and other activities; promotion up the corporate ladder. The 1907 Small Encyclopedic Dictionary gives the definition of a career: "Career (a word of French origin) is a quick success in the service and another field."
In the modern dictionary you can find the following interpretations:
promotion in any field of activity;
achievement of popularity, fame, benefits;
designation of occupation, profession (for example, career of a teacher).
Now instead of the word "Career" the phrase "Social Lift" is often used.
In the theory of personnel management, a career is the result of a conscious position and behavior of a person in the field of work related to official or professional growth.
Career is a chain of events that constitutes life, a sequence of professional occupations and other life roles, which together express a person’s commitment to act in accordance with his generalized model of self-development. A person builds a career - the trajectory of his movement - himself, in accordance with the peculiarities of intra- and non-organizational reality and, most importantly, with his own goals, desires and attitudes.

Our corporate culture determines our interaction with each other, with customers and society as a whole to achieve business goals. It is connected with our history and plays a key role in achieving the long-term success of our company. This is the basis upon which all else rests.

The demanded corporate culture is also represented by five carefully selected values. They define our daily behavior and decision making at all levels of the company. They reflect our beliefs, which are shared in all regions and in all enterprises, and create the basis for a high-performing culture.

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